Meet the INDE Team

It's Never Dark Enough— or “INDE” (pronounced "indie")— is comprised of a close-knit group of role-playing enthusiasts from all corners of the world. We are developers, but we are also fans. Our love of nerd and internet culture, science fiction, punk genres, and horror color everything that we do. When we began, we were only four but quickly grew to a crew of over fifteen writers, artists, and contributors. Our goal is to create unique tabletop experiences that are fun to play and speak to fans just like us. INDE when spoken of conjures up related words such as independence, freedom, individuality, and others. The full name, It's Never Dark Enough, doesn't have an exact meaning, but for many of the Dev's it means to be seeking out value in the unexplored places of the world; stepping outside of margins and boundaries to seek the ignored, marginalized, or forbidden.


NKdotzip— or just zip— is in charge of all things media, be it the book layout, web design, or art direction. He leads the INDE team and works heavily with Tex and Conrad on crafting the lore of Shattered. In his spare time he is hard at work writing a sci-fi horror novel called "Run Like Hell."


Tex is a lore guru, self-taught programmer, and co-website designer for Shattered. He spends his spare time coming up with ideas for video games and scribbling notes about a future book series set in the Shattered universe.


LostAbyss was one of the first developers on Shattered. Early on he spent most of his time developing systems, before making the transition into editing as the project neared completion. In his spare time, he has been focusing on what is best in life, but he enjoys gaming of all kinds and follows a number of streamers on Twitch.


Pul is INDE's main statistician. He finds both joy and frustration running numbers and determining probability. His free time is currently spent working at all hours to make ends meet, but if he finds himself with free time away from work and INDE, he takes great pleasure in getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Conrad is a wanted editor in 17 countries for crimes against English. He was last sighted with his wife and child in Timbuktu, trading Polto cards for bus tickets to Russia. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this person, please contact INDE or the US Marshals.


Litharian— or Lith for short— is one of the number guru's of the Shattered system and brought much needed organizational skills to the team. He is currently working on a second project for Shattered, but don't tell anyone!

Our Products

Delve into a world of perilous exploits and horror!

Millennia ago, the world of Feneryss shattered. The Alypse gathered in the millions to sacrifice themselves in a ritual to their god, Ragnarok. They failed, and in so doing destroyed the world. The liturgical bled magic into the world, known as arkäna, and allowed unimaginable eldritch horrors to cross the divide. The oceans boiled away, tectonic plates clashed, and catastrophic storm systems ravaged civilization. Mankind was reduced to scrounging in the ash and rubble. Subjected to the elements— and the warped power of arkäna— humanity transformed. When the dust settled, not one, but eight distinct races arose to face the challenge.

What will you do? Will you defend budding civilization from the monsters and undead roaming the world? Will you captain a motley crew aboard your very own airship? Will you harness the power of the elements and Aspects for good or evil? Will you be the one to unravel the world’s arkäne mysteries and ascend to godhood?

There are many paths for an ambitious adventurer.
What is yours?